Why why why[Part 2]

So till now I got to know that I am a misfit in IT and I would not have enjoyed either MBA or the work afterwards. So what am I fit for?? The path to happiness lies in understanding your own nature. You must work towards strengthening the good parts and reducing the bad ones. I spent a lot of time in understanding myself and what I could possibly enjoy from 9 to 6.

1) Time to read and understand the world.

2) Work in which I am directly responsible. Work in which I can impact the real world. IT takes just too long. I mean solving, testing and releasing a P4 issue here takes months and even after that you don’t know if your work has made a difference to anyone.

3) Independence

4) Structure

5) Knowledge addition. I mean if you work on something you should be able to leverage it in the future. In IT, I have worked in Testing, Symbian App Development, Aris BPM, QT, Symbian Middleware, Hadoop. Currently I am working on Android Middleware. In each transition I have not managed to take away knowledge from my previous assignments. It is my fault for changing my domains so much but most of them were for business considerations. My aim would be to get a core set of knowledge and use that for a long period of time. Additions are welcome and necessary but they should not be totally tangential. Some of you maybe envious at the rate of change of I have managed. But I did not enjoy it. I was highly miserable being a newbie for 5 years.

6) Pays moderately well.

Ok so why CA.

1) Structured. Once you understand the core part there is no scope for ambiguity. It is either debit or credit. There is no third option.

2) Knowledge is additive. Tax laws change every year but it adds to what you know. You are not a newbie every time a new software arrives in the market.

3) Other than the tax seasons and financial quarters one has time to pursue ones interests.

4) Responsibility. When one is prosecutable for ones mistakes one cannot take refuge in the “Teamwork BS”. Your success is measured by your clients success and not by your manager.

5)¬†Independence. One can open up one’s firm.

6) Pays moderately well and you can work after retirement. Oops wait a minute, I forgot a CA does not retire ūüôā

I know the writing is very brief and would not make any sense. I have written the blog mostly for my clarity, braindump etc and not for the outside world as such. Still if  someone is reading this and has any queries, do post a comment, I will be more than happy to clarify.


Why why why

My job pays me well, so why quit it?? Why not try to adjust with whatever issues you have and continue doing the same. My point is I have spent nearly 5 years in IT after college and day by day my hatred for it is increasing and has not come down. I joined the IT industry as a tester and after spending nearly two brain dead years doing testing I aspired for the best in coding. I worked towards the change and I got selected for a development role in mobile applications. While I did well in my job, I could not get the proper guidance needed to become a good developer. What I mean is I managed to solve the issues at hand but was not motivated enough to become the best. So I shifted my company and got to a place where I was able to work with some of the brightest people in the field. I enjoyed working with them but I also came to the realisation that I did not have in me the qualities required to become a great programmer. There a lot of them but the most important one which I feel is enthusiasm. I totally lacked the enthusiasm for building great software. Enthusiasm is something if one has, can turn an average person can turn into some one great. Some of the qualities are ability to work through ambiguity, lack of knowledge, lack of interest and so on.

So why CA and why not MBA or something else in which you don’t have to lose your income and is related to whatever I have learnt till now??

I have written the CAT many times and frankly I have not managed to clear it. Though I have cleared the IIFT written test and have got to attend the interview once.  I was arrogant at that time and I did not prepare for the interview.  I was not serious in joining it even if I had cleared it. My aim was IIM Ahmedabad[the Best]. But I was not the best for the Best. I have no regrets. My interest was Finance and I was lured by the crazy salaries being offered at that time. Then the financial crisis of 2007 happened. I tried to make sense of the crisis and read every thing remotely related to it. If you look at the people related to the problem they have the best academic credentials possible, still none of them ever came to the conclusion that the shit could one day possibly hit the fan. Even if they did, most of them did nothing to prevent it. Lots of misjudgements,  group think, envy are the root cause of the problem. MBAs who are supposedly renown for independent thought and analytical behaviour did nothing of the sort. The only thing they displayed an interest was for their own bonuses and nothing else.  All this made me realise I would not be happy even if I had cleared IIMs and was working in an I Bank. You can call it case of sour grapes if you want.


Whats new

Well I have cleared my CPT exams and scored a 100/200 on my first attempt. For those unaware that is just the pass mark. I had not prepared well for the exam and¬† managed to read only Economics and Mercantile law for the exam and had totally left out reading for Accounting and Quantitative Aptitude. Anyway a pass is a pass, but for IPCC I won’t leave anything to chance. Was just going through basics of Accounting i.e. basics in 11th and 12th class. I did not know what a debit side is and what a credit side is except that one is on the left and other on the right. Now I am fairly conversant with the terms. I have brought the books required, completed the registration for both groups of IPCC and plan to give the exams in November 2011. My aim is to clear both the groups at the first attempt. I have also registered for ICWAI and I am giving both the groups in Dec 2011. Wow that’s a lot of studying. I am looking to quit my job by May end so that I have five months towards my goal. I have saved some money plus have a supportive and loving wife who understands my aspirations. My job pays me well so why the hell am I going through the grind. That is a question for my next post.

Smell of a first blog

I am a software engineer. And I HATE it.

This is nothing new, all of us time to time hate our jobs, the people and everything else about it. The reason for my hate stems mainly from my incompatibility with the nature of a software job. I hate the ambiguity of the job. I would have loved it if some time is given for analyzing a problem. Given the limited time, one has to start hammering some code, rather than sit,  reflect and solve the problem. This in turn results in either overtime or a crappy code which is good, but for me both the solutions are not good enough. So I have decided that according to my nature I am better suited for a job like a CA. So rather than waste my time on hating, I will start on a path which will give me time to do things in a proper way.

I have applied for CPT Dec-2010 and I am studying for it. The purpose of this blog is to remind me of the journey, motivations for becoming a CA. Also it is a place where I want to dump my numerous thoughts. Wishing my self well on long journey of learning.